"THE BOOKLOFTANDSkylight GalleryFinding books is our specialty541.426.3351 G 107 E. Main G Enterprise G www.bookloftoregon.comCLUES ACROSS 1. A greeting 5. A type of hall 9. Planes need one11. Wealth13. The act of exciting15. A movement downward16. Type of storage17. A funny and sad play19. After cinco21. Dry white Italian wine22. Where golfers begin23. Witnesses25. Relaxing places26. Of she27. Discontinued compact car29. Resulted31. Large Irish castle33. Offer for a price34. One type is Irish36. Free-swimming invertebrate38. A type of tale39. The middle of the month41. Christmas43. G__ death do us part44. Goes with Gomorrah46. Ethnic group of Thailand48. GGrown UpsG funnyman52. A type of index53. A mass of rocks54. Splashed56. KidsG playground necessities57. Sears and London are two58. Strip of cloth59. ChurchCLUES DOWN 1. Progressive decay of a bone or tooth 2. Deliberately contrary events 3. Unit of mass 4. Kiln 5. Soybean paste 6. Electronic counter-countermeasures 7. Made the bed 8. One who mails 9. Bar bills10. Automotive vehicles11. Breaks12. Swelling of the eyelid14. Asian country15. Couches18. Stare with mouth wide open20. Member of U.S. Navy24. A sulk26. Greetings28. Craftsmen30. Mongolian city __ Bator32. Did again34. Sunrooms35. Start over37. Georgians love them38. Women40. GSnake TalesG cartoonist42. Pariahs43. Caps45. Gradually become less solid47. Goats49. French city Le __50. Exhale51. Homes have at least one55. Type of power cable"

BOOKLOFT, THE Wallowa County Chieftain bookloft-the-3 BOOKLOFT, THE Advertising Advertising

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