"THE VALUE OF EATING FRESHChoosing food that are grown where you live can boost your health and your local economy.Spring is right around the corner, and you can feel the promise of warm-weather produce in the eastern Oregon air. Whether you are a fan of veggies like asparagus, carrots, and spinach or prefer juicy sweet fruits like peaches and watermelon, you can n1/4 nd what you crave at our local markets in Pendleton. As an added bonus, the health benen1/4 ts of eating these foods are also abundant.Because your local farmers grow the produce nearby, you can pick up local fruits and veggies soon after harvest, when n1/4e avor and nutrients are in their prime. In contrast, out of season produce that is not native to your area is typically ripened artin1/4 cially, which can cause the taste to be a little bland and the nutrient content to be less dense.Eating fresh, local food is the best thing for you, Gsays Larry Blanc, CHI St. Anthony Hospital Director of Communications/Foundation. GA diet high in fruits and vegetables is naturally low in fat and calories and can help keep cells healthy while also reducing inn1/4e ammation.GBy eating local foods, you also run less risk of foodborne infections. When food has to travel long distances to get from the farm to your plate, the chances of it becoming contaminated increase. Food that is grown at a nearby organic farm is less likely to come into contact with dangerous chemicals and toxins. THE FINANCIAL FACTORWhen you choose food grown in your local area, you invest in your community. Specin1/4 cally, you support the individuals and families who make their livings in local industries, including farming, harvesting, transportation, and retail. ThatGs a healthy habit we can all feel good about.Need a hand building better eating habits? CHI St. Anthony Hospital Nutrition Services can help. Visit and select GNutritional CounselingG from the GServicesG menu or call Christine P. Guenther, RD, LD, at 541-278-3235.St. Anthony Hospitals nutrition and diabetes services offer nutritional counseling tailored to your needs, as well as diabetic education classes and healthy eating classes.Call Christine Guenther of nutrition services at 541-278-3235 or Melissa Naff at 541-278-3249 to n1/4 nd out how our nutritional counseling services can help you.Christine Guenther, RD, LDDiabetes Education3001 St. Anthony WayPendleton, OR 97801Medical Ofn1/4 ce Building Suite #120541-278-3235www.sahpendleton.orgMelissa Naff, RD, LD, CDENutrition Services3001 St. Anthony WayPendleton, OR 97801541-278-3249www.sahpendleton.orgSt. Anthony Hospitals St. Anthony Hospitals nutrition and diabetes nutrition and diabetes Christine Guenther, RD, LDDiabetes EducationMelissa Naff, RD, LD, CDENutrition ServicesWEGRE HERE FOR YOU2801 St. Anthony Way, Pendleton, OR"

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