"IN THE COUNTY COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGONFOR THE COUNTY OF GRANTProbate DepartmentIn the Matter of the Minor Children Natalya ) Case No. 18DR02495Victoria Smith and Thomas James Smith: )JASMYNE SMITH ) SUMMONS Petitioner, ) and )MICHAEL SMITH, ) Respondent, ) and )SHERI CLARKE AND GENE CLARKE, ) Intervenors.STATE OF OREGON ) ) ssCounty of GRANT ) I, the undersigned attorney of record for the lntervenors, certify that the foregoing is an exact and complete copy of the original summons in the above entitled action. To: Michael Leroy SmithYou are hereby required to appear and defend the complaint filed against you in the above-entitled action within thirty (30) days from the date of service of this summons upon you, and in case of your failure to do so, for want thereof. Petitioner and lntervenors will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint. SUMMARY STATEMENT: This is an action for Petition for Disso-lution of Marriage filed by Petitioner Jasmyne Smith. Petitioner seeks legal custody of the minor children and child support. This is also an action under ORS I 09.119, in which the Intervenors Gene and Sheri Clarke are seeking an order to intervene in the dissolution of marriage case. lntervenors further seek an award of legal custody of the minor children and an order of child support.NOTICE TO THE RESPONDENT: READ THESE PAPERS CAREFULLYYou must GappearG in this case or the other side will win automatically. To GappearG you must file with the court a legal paper called a Gmo-tionG or Ganswer.G The GmotionG or GanswerG must be given to the coun clerk or administra-tor within 30 days along with the required filing fee. It must be in proper form and have proof of service on the petitionerGs attorney or, if the petitioner does not have an attorney, proof of service upon the petitioner. It must also be served on the attorney for Intervenors. If you have any questions, you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, you may call the Oregon State BarGs Lawyer Referral Service at (503) 684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at (800) 452-7636."

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