"THE BOOKLOFTANDSkylight GalleryFinding books is our specialty541.426.3351 G 107 E. Main G Enterprise G www.bookloftoregon.comCLUES ACROSS 1. Elaborate silk garment 5. Fleet11. Egyptian deity12. Hundredth anniversary16. Chew the fat17. Doctor of Medicine18. Large, edible game fish19. Revitalization24. Personal computer25. Unfettered26. Clumsy persons27. Japanese classical theater28. Part of a ship29. Rate of movement30. How much31. Image taken with a camera33. Sharp mountain ridge34. Czech capital38. One who treats poorly39. By right40. Relating to odors43. As soon as possible44. Israeli Olympic swimmer45. Scored perfectly49. Financial ratio (abbr.)50. Unpleasant emotion51. Sign of the zodiac53. Promotional material54. Your parentsG parents56. Monetary unit58. Farm state59. One of HollywoodGs Bridges brothers60. Not the plaintiff63. GNight TrainG novelist64. Martens valued for their fur65. DiscountCLUES DOWN 1. Bone in the lower back 2. Goddess of wisdom 3. Comedic honors 4. A way to grasp 5. Apex 6. British soldier 7. Manganese 8. Indicates position 9. Decompressions in scuba diving (abbr.)10. Soon13. Blood type14. Clever reply15. One who travels by luxurious boat20. Once more21. Rural delivery22. Mexican dish23. Nigerian City27. Is not (Span.)29. ItalyGs longest river30. Grand __, vintage31. Monetary unit32. The man33. Basics34. Poster35. Small remains36. Gelatinous substance37. A narrow opening38. Artificial intelligence40. Algerian coastal city41. Canned fish42. Milligram44. CarrotGs partner45. Single-celled animals46. Movie theater47. Necessitate48. A state of not being used50. Small folds of tissue51. Gallium52. Trauma center54. Commands to go faster55. New EnglandGs football team57. Pianoforte61. Unit of loudness62. Atomic number 13"

BOOKLOFT, THE Wallowa County Chieftain BOOKLOFT, THE Advertising Advertising

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