"THE BOOKLOFTANDSkylight GalleryFinding books is our specialty541.426.3351 G 107 E. Main G Enterprise G www.bookloftoregon.comCLUES ACROSS 1. Small lump 4. Helps little firms 7. A way of performing12. Lawyers15. Stirred up16. Believed in18. The Bay State (abbr.)19. Makes computers20. Sodium21. As fast as can be done (abbr.)24. Institute legal proceedings against27. More compact30. Ethiopian river31. Quantitative fact33. No (Scottish)34. A concession of no great value35. Tony-winning actress Daisy37. More (Spanish)39. Russian space station41. Helicopter42. At the peak44. Makes ecstatically happy47. Excellent48. Material body49. The Golden State (abbr.)50. A unit of plane angle52. Argon53. Fancy56. Fried mixture of meat and spices61. How green plants use sunlight63. Without wills64. Unhappy65. Meat from a pigGs legCLUES DOWN 1. Mentor 2. Lyric poems 3. A dry cold north wind in Switzerland 4. Trapped 5. Used for road surfacing 6. Cuckoos 7. Prefix Gaway fromG 8. Seth McFarlane comedy 9. Not out10. GThe SimpsonsG bus driver11. Popular HBO drama (abbr.)12. Acclaimed Indian physicist13. Removes14. One-name NBA player17. Revolutionary women22. Smell23. Ground-dwelling songbird24. Midway between south and southeast25. American state26. Keen28. Khoikhoin peoples29. IntGl defense organization32. Samoan money36. A sign of assent38. One from Somalia40. Boat race43. Trims44. French coins45. Indigenous Scandinavian46. Flew alone51. Loch where a GmonsterG lives54. Japanese title55. Pros and __56. Present in all living cells57. Something to scratch58. Branch of Islam59. Appear60. Former CIA62. Yukon Territory"

BOOKLOFT, THE Wallowa County Chieftain BOOKLOFT, THE Advertising Advertising ,

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